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Shenmue 3 Scale Will Be Similar to Original Shemnue If Stretch Goal Isn’t Met

Shenmue 3 is coming and fans of the series couldn’t be happier. The third installment is a fan-funded project and its Kickstarter campaign kicked-off during Sony’s E3 press-conference.

The campaign had a goal of $2 million which proved to be nothing in front of the love fans have for this series. The project reached its goal in under 24 hours.

Later on, a new stretch goal was announced during a Reddit AMA session by Yu Suzuki. He reveled that he needs $10 million to make Shenmue III a truly open world game.

After Yu Suzuki made this revelation, fans were worried about what will happen if Shenmue III failed to reach its stretch goal of $10 million.

On of the fans raised his concerns and asked Yu Suzuki if he will be disappointed by not meeting his goal on Kickstarter.

He replied by saying:

No, I won’t be. I am grateful that there’s another chance for a new Shenmue. I will make what I can within the budget from your money.

At the time of this writing, Shenmue III is at $4.4 million and is expected to reach $5 million with 9 days to go. So what will be the scale of the game with $5 million? Suzuki said:

I’m expecting something similar to Dobuita [the area in Shenmue I] in terms of scale

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