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Players of Dark Souls 3 Will Need to Adapt to Speedier Battles and Weapon Changes

Dark Souls 2 was well received by fans, but this did not mean that it lived up to the love they had for the original. Now with Hidetaka Myazaki returning to work on Dark Souls 3 after focusing more on Bloodborne, hopes are once again high. Myazaki is seems to be also saying all the right things to keep fans excited over the next instalment of their favourite game.

Speaking to VG247, it comes as no surprise that he would say that everything in the game is designed to kill you, this is what the fans want to hear. The fact he understands this and what they expect from the game show that Dark Souls is back in the right hands:

“The basic gameplay elements, the sense of accomplishment experienced by overcoming difficulty, or the unique online features that allow players to loosely connect with other players, are still in the game. But we’ve now evolved and deepened those basic gameplay elements”

When looking at how weapons will be adapted each weapon will have new features that “will widen the range of the tactical options that the player has during a battle and the role-playing elements of the game.”

How the player will handle this will be interesting, especially in the middle of battle and fighting for survival.

With a faster-paced game promised, it appears that players should look to Bloodborne for some of the tactics that will be needed to survive. Hiding behind a shield may now not be enough to survive this time.

The enemy will now be faster but so will the player. With new tougher gameplay situations waiting around every corner, it looks like this may be a challenge worth waiting for, if you are ready to die lots of times to win.

Are you looking forward to Dark Souls 3? Do Hidetaka Myazaki’s comments show it is on the right track this time? Let us know your thoughts below.