League of Legends: Miss Fortune and Gangplank Getting Reworked

League of Legends’ Gangplank and Miss Fortune are getting a rework that will make chances to their core strengths. Both of these characters have been in LoL for a while and it was about time some changes were made.

Miss Fortune received some needed tweaks to her visuals, players will notice a new model for almost all of her skins. By adding new run animations, developers are making it easier to tell when her passive is up.

Some changes have been made to her spell effects, Make it Rain for example “now kicks up dust from the dirt lanes or splashes into the river depending on where it’s targeted.”

Improvements to readability and general upkeep are made to bring her art up to current standards. Gameplay wise, Miss Fortune is getting some changes related to her core strengths, while shaving some hidden powers in favor of clarity.

Fancy design speak aside, the TLDR is your ultimate barrage of bullets remains unblemished, but we’ve removed Grievous Wounds from Impure Shots.

Digging into some of the other smaller changes, the updated Strut means shields will keep her passive up when fleeing or engaging and we’ve replaced Grievous Wounds on Impure Shots with new surprise strutting: activating her W now grants Miss Fortune’s passive instantly.

For more details on Miss Fortune’s new look and gameplay, visit here.

Until now, Parrrley farming, Remove Scurvy timing, or Cannon Barrage placement were the optimization tools used by the Gangplank. But developers want to add more, so when it comes to new toys for Gangplank, what is better than explosive barrels?

There’s nothing like setting up a chain of barrels to utterly decimate unsuspecting enemies

New changes made to GP will further solidify his role as an potent split-pusher. GP needs to be aware of his surroundings, even though Remove Scurvy keeps him somewhat safe from individual crowd control, ” he won’t outrun most gap-closing enemies without using his ult unless he steals an opportunistic passive proc.”

In situations where split-pushing is weak and team-fighting the strongest option, Gangplank benefits from strategic planning and careful positioning of his Powder Kegs.

You can read more about Gangplank here.