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Developers Look to Add Better Cloth Simulation in WWE 2K16

When the WWE games moved onto the current generation of consoles with WWE 2K15 it may have looked visually impressive but the game was somewhat lacking. This year with WWE 2K16 they look to improve what they have already created, and build a more realistic experience inside the ring.

On their new YouTube video channel WWE2kdev it looks like the developers want to take the gamers behind the scenes of the Yukes and Visual Concepts developed game and show them exactly what improvements are being made.

In a video posted to the channel named “Cloth Simulation Improvement”, they are showing as the name suggests early footage to show how cloth reacts to a WWE Superstar’s movements.

The video shows a version of the John Cena character, which is good example as he often wears a shirt when he enters the ring make his entrance. We see the shirt react to his body movements and there is definitely some reaction there, though as its early development suggests it does need some improvement.

Cloth simulation such as this is something we often see with NVIDIA’s PhysX so while in many games it is nothing new, when adding this to an engine like the one for WWE 2K16 this can be a complicated change.

With consoles having more access to computational muscle this type of simulation can be added to a game like WWE 2K16 to add a more realistic experience. I’m sure that now the development team is showing footage like this we’ll be seeing a lot more to come.

What are your thoughts on the cloth simulation video? Should the developers maybe look to improving gameplay first? Let us know your thoughts below!