Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC Story and Location Revealed in New Trailer

With the details for Batman: Arkham Knight’s first slice of downloadable content Batgirl: A Matter of Family being revealed not much was actually shown of what would be in the game, until today. Now we have a trailer that features not only the characters that will be taking part but also the location for the story.

As a prequel to the events in Arkham Knight, it appears that Joker has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon leading to Batgirl and Robin having to save him. With Joker holding up at the Seagate Amusement Park Batgirl rules out Batman’s involvement to safeguard the life of her father.

In terms of added gameplay, Batgirl not only has combat skills but also hacking that will be used in the game to combat some of the fiendish puzzles that Joker will put in her way. Help will also be available from Robin

Fans of Batman will be interested in the way the characters look, especially Joker and Harley Quinn. Joker looks quite dashing in his new top hat, but more interestingly is the old school look of his companion, a stark difference than how we see her in the main game.

I’m sure this look will be popular with fans of Harley, though it will be interesting to hear about just why she has taken on this look. There are also subtle changes to Joker himself too as to Batgirl and Robin himself.

The Batgirl DLC can be purchased on the Xbox Live store or Playstation Network on July 21st at the price of $6.99/5.79. It is also part of the Season Pass. It should be noted that the PC version has not been mentioned, as a Season Pass owner I’ll be interested to see if this appears for people who purchased the game before it was pulled from sale.

Are you looking forward to playing the Batgirl DLC after seeing the trailer? Let us know your thoughts below!