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Sword Coast Legends: Watch the Campaign Creation and Dungeon Master Gameplay

The new Dungeons and Dragons game, Sword Coast Legends has received a couple of new gameplay videos showing off the flexible campaign creation tools and Dungeon Master gameplay.

The first video showcases the remarkable Campaign Creation in which almost everything ranging from dialogues to quests, triggers to merchants and areas remain under the control of the DM player. There is a lot of freedom granted to players and the interface looks pretty seamless and easy to manage:

The second video shows off a group of adventurers against the dungeon crafted in the video above. Once again, the DM player enjoys a lot of freedom and is allowed to set up traps, obstacles, and enemies in addition to controlling NPCs as well:

From what we have seen so far, Sword Coast Legends is shaping up to be pretty nice. Considering the fact that it is still in development, the final product should be impressive.

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