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Star Fox Zero Co-Op Mode Discussed By Developer, Will Fully Utilize Wii U Gamepad

One of the most awaited releases for Wii U this holiday is Star Fox Zero, the game was announced during Nintendo’s E3 event and will be notable addition to Wii U’s lineup.

Star Fox Zero uses the Wii U Gamepad to great affect, all thanks to Platinum Games. Speaking in a recent interview, Platinum Games’ Yusuke Hashimoto, and Nintendo’s Yugo Hayashi talked about how using the gyro controller is essential for best results.

He also explained how co-op is for both skilled and new players.

Hashmoto: We don’t want to make it a simple game, by any means. The challenge for us is, how to make a game that feels good and challenging to play for lots of different people?

Hayashi: At first glance, [the demo] looks very much like a traditional Star Fox level, but if you’re not looking around with the GamePad, if you want to shoot down all the enemies, you wouldn’t be able to do it without utilizing the gyro controls.

…We think it’s a great mode [co-op] for parents to play with their children, but basically for anyone who maybe has a friend who isn’t that used to shooters/

The interview also touched on gamers’ perception of walking Arwing transformation, which many consider a chicken. Hayashi was quick to correct this and said that it is not a robot-chicken, but is more like a dinosaur. Developers wanted to make this character look like an animal, since all designs are of animals.

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