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Star Citizen Latest Star Marine Report Talks About New Audio System, Game Modes, and Weapon Tweaks

As a part of the latest Star Citizen Star Marine Status Update, we receive a detailed look inside each of Cloud Imperium Games’ worldwide studios as they try and fit in all their work into one major experience.

Speaking of the Game Design front, CIG is changing weapon and armour stats in addition to minor tweaks and making it easier to understand injury and bleeding states.

Coming to Playtesting and Game Modes, the studio’s primary focus remains the Team Elimination with a new mode called Practice Mode which is similar to Free Fly Mode from the Arena Commander and provides players with ample practice opportunities.

The report also mentioned a new audio system called WWise which allows better spatial sound effects that bring the environments to life from the audio perspective.

Lastly, CIG also announced that they will have 6 new HUDs included into internal playtests next week which will have integrated radar, HP, ammo, and weapon indicator iconography.

The report is quite an extensive one so make sure to head over to Robert Space Industries official website and catch up on everything.

In the meanwhile, which of these features are you looking forward to the most?

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