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Rocket League’s Debut on the Playstation 4 Faces Server and Console Issues

When a game is built around the multiplayer experience, if the online functionality falls apart then this can be disastrous for the game. With the release of Rocket League for the Playstation 4, this appears to be exactly what is happening.

According to reports, it looks like the servers for the game released free to users of Playstation Plus can’t cope with the number of players trying to play the game. This has led to users not only blocked from joining online sessions but also being booted from the game.

While there is a single player mode available for gamers to play until the server can handle the load, this has led to a further problem with a known issue with the Beta version of the game. Players are finding that the main menu for the game is causing their Playstation 4 to overheat.

As this was a known issue, it is surprising that users have been caught out once again by it, and that it was not already fixed I it was a known issue before release. While the developers are looking into it this is yet another bug to hold the game back.

Rocket League is a multiplayer-focused successor to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. Described as a “re-imagining of football” the game promises cross-platform play between the PC and Playstation 4. The Playstation 4 version comes with an exclusive cameo from Sweet Tooth, with his iconic ice truck from the Twisted Metal game.

While fans are most likely annoyed by the games problems can they have much to complain about with a free game? If the overheating of the Playstation 4 does damage, then the answer is quite rightly yes. If it is more about not being able to play the game when they want then not really.

What do you think about the problems with Rocket League? Have they affected you? Let us know your thoughts below.