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Patch 5.13 Comes With League of Legends Tahm Kench The River King

League of Legends fans have been waiting for some time for The River King to make his appearance. Known as Tahm Kench the new champion’s release date is very soon indeed.

Riot Games have been teasing this character for some time to build up the excitement with players. A character who feeds off fear it looks like he will be quite a challenge for foes when it comes to battle.

With the release of League of Legends Patch 5.13, this will see the arrival of Tahm Kench to the game as well as other additions. This patch will come tomorrow, July 8th.

For fans who want to know when this patch will in fact go live, they will also have to expect some server downtime for obvious maintenance reasons.

American players can expect the servers to go down 3:00 Pacific time. 5:00 UK time for EU West, and 3:00 CEST for EUNE. These updates will take approximately three hours. To protect ranked queues these will be shut down a further 90 minutes before the offline time.

Obviously, players should plan around this downtime when planning their games.

Once these server updates are completed it may take some time for Tahm Kench to show up on the store, so be patient while the updates are taking place. There should be no need to worry if he takes his time to appear.

As this is a patch to the game, there are also a few other updates taking place:

  • Master Chef Tahm Kench skin
  • Gentleman Gnar skin
  • New Chroma Packs for Bard, Grim Reaper Karthus, and Dreadknight Nasus
  • New eSports summoner icons for LCK, LMS, GLS Summer
  • VFX updates for Nunu, Rumble, and Shyvana.

As long as there are no problems with the update to patch 5.13 these updates should all be available from tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on the arrival of Tahm Kench? Let us know your thoughts below.