New Action RPG “KYN” By Versus Evil Gets New Gameplay Trailer, Releasing July 28

Versus Evil announced a new action role-playing game called “KYN,” last year. The game is under development at Tangrin Entertainment and is “a fast-paced role-playing strategy game that combines party-based combat with exploration and progression.”

Versus Evil says that KYN’s story will feature unexpected twists and turns that will keep us guessing till the very end. Developers have now released a new gameplay trailer for KYN, you can see the footage posted above, to get an idea of what to expect from this upcoming RPG.

Gameplay mechanics feature traditional dungeon crawling elements, where you will create your own party of six playable characters in the game. Each of these characters can be customized with different equipment and abilities to help you gain an edge in battle.

Customize your characters strategically as they will be useful not only in combat, but in puzzle solving as well. There are both hack n slash elements and RPG style combat in KYN.

The game is slated for a July 28 release on PC, MAC and Linux based systems. Pre-ordering the game will land you the Legendary Fire Master Set.

Fuel the fear in your enemies with this flame-buoyant ‘Legendary Fire Master Pack’. This pack includes a full body armor set with chest guard and leg armor as well as a protective helmet with visor that can be equipped once your body stat reaches 20.

Also included is the powerful ‘Eye of the Fire Axe’ that deals extra fire and weapon damage as well as gives you extra attack speed. This two handed axe can be equipped once your body stat has reached 45.

You can pre-order KYN from Steam for $19.99.