How Unreal Tournament is Shaping up on Unreal Engine 4

It has been a while since we last talked about the new Unreal Tournament; in fact, it was back in March when we showed to you an official gameplay trailer.

Naturally, you guys would want to know more and so we decided to fetch a little about how the game is shaping up. Firstly, we have for you a couple of short clips that were shared by the developers from the alpha testing.

We have embedded the video above where you can watch five different clips they referred to as the top plays of the week by a player.

Moving on, the developers recently discussed a new gametype that is currently a work in progress. It is called Showdown and apparently it is going to be a lot like Duel except that it comes with added features like Rounds and some more.

For those who are taking part in the testing, the game mode can be tried out using the builds that are now available on GitHub.

Parallel to this, developers of Unreal Tournament have also released a video featuring some new concepts for the Menu User Interface as well as the HUB. The video, which you can check out by visiting the link above, also features updates that have been made to the FragCenter.