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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward 3.0 Patch Notes Released, New Quests, Dungeons and More

Online games can be a nightmare to keep running, with the number of bugs and balancing issues taking forever to iron out. This is why so many patches are released in an attempt to keep the users happy. When they pay a subscription to play the game, it’s important to keep the paying users happy.

Today notes have been released for patch 3.01 for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and the list of fixes and updates is lengthy. Not only fixes, it also adds a new raid dungeon named Alexander: Gordias, and adjustments have been made to job actions. Here are some highlights from the notes:

  • A new quest has been added to Chronicles of a New Era – Disarmed. Requirements for this are Disciple of War or Magic level 60. The player must also have completed the main quest for Heavensward.
  • New raid dungeon Alexander: Gordias has been added. Level requirement for this is Disciple of War or Magic Level 60. Item level has to be 170 or above and part size eight players.
  • New FATEs have been added.
  • Rewards for completion of Alexander: Gordias will provide tokens that can be traded for gear. This is restricted to one item per floor each week (reset every Tuesday).
  • Seven new achievements have been added.
  • For MAC players having performance issues, adjustments are coming in this patch to improve this.
  • New items have been added as well as new recipes for Carpenters and Armorers.

As well as the above updates, there have been system updates to improve the performance of the game. This includes a whole host of resolved issues.

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy XIV? Do any of the updates catch your eye? Let us know your thoughts below.