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Doom’s Levels Will Play Like Skate Parks, Leading to High Replayability Value

Doom was the game that arguably started the popularity of the first person shooter, and still holds a place in many gamers hearts as one of the best shooting games ever released.

With Doom’s gameplay and graphical style revealed to the world at E3, excitement built up with fans, but maybe not as much as was hoped.

When Marty Statton the executive producer for Doom talked to Metro he had some interesting things to say about the level designs and how users will react to them.

It seems that even though the demonstration we saw kept to ground level, players will find there is much more to the levels to explore.

When talking about the level design he said:

“You do have to get into these expansive tracts, these big spaces, to really let the player have that level of fun. And even there we’ve kind of added a level of verticality to our game. We’ve added double jump mechanics and mantling that gets you up really, really fast.”

Of what we didn’t see in the E3 demo he said:

“You can play that very differently, you can actually use some of the verticality to get height on the demons and fire down, and wait for them to traverse and try and catch you – and then jump back down.

Comparing the levels to skate parks the interesting thing is how the addition of abilities as double jumping will add to the player’s ability to make their way through the levels.

Fans will remember the obsession of knowing every section of the original Doom’s levels, knowing where weapons were hidden and which was the speediest way to level completion. From these comments it sounds like there will be many secrets and hidden shortcuts to find on both high roads and low.

What are your thoughts on the latest Doom? Do you hope it brings the game back to its former glory, or do you want it to offer something new? Let us know your thoughts below.