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Dishonored 2 Switching Between Emily and Corvo, New Details Emerge

Now that we know that Dishonored 2 is on its way, we can’t help but want more details about what will be possible in the game. Today we have a few new details, with the focus being on the difference between Emily and Corvo.

At the beginning of the game the player will start as Emily, and this will be for about 20 or 30 minutes of gameplay. An event will take place, which is very dramatic and important to the game and this will cause the choice of who to take control of at that point.

Whether the player chooses to continue as Emily or Corvo is their choice and this will affect the rest of the game.

Allowing the player to start as Emily is a good move as she is the new character and getting an experience of how she plays and what her new powers are will give them a taste of what her abilities are. This should make it easier to make a more informed choice when it comes.

While the player has made the choice of character, the missions will be the same for each character. The difference will be how the player uses their powers to complete the challenge. While Emily has more of an elegant style and abilities like ‘Far Reach’ Corvo has his more traditional moves that have now been through an upgrade as his skills have improved with age.

With a release planned for some time in 2016 there is still plenty of time to learn more about the game, but for now I’m sure fans of Dishonored are looking forward to the sequel.

What do you think of Dishonored 2? Are you looking forward to being able to play as Emily? Let us know your thoughts below.