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Triple-Monitor and Double AMD Fury X Cards Reignite the Graphics Card Battle

At the cutting edge of high resolution gaming the graphics card battles are still waging on.

While the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X hasn’t exactly blown away NVIDIA and their Titan cards when it comes to performance with 4K gaming, there may be rumblings when it comes to CrossFire, SLI and triple-screen gaming.

Tweaktown have been testing the two most up-to-date cards and while using Crossfire with two Fury X cards may be a pricey option, as well as adding the cost of three 4K displays, it is one of the ultimate experiences for gaming. With the so-called Triple 4K Eyefinity at an enormous resolution of 11,520×2160 the Fury X cards perform impressively.

Testing the cards with games like Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite, and Shadow of Mordor, it’s interesting that the first three perform better on the NVIDIA cards, but the other three show much more of a performance boost with the AMD choice.

The most important aspect was the frame rate, which the Fury X cards with Crossfire performed well with Battlefield 4 as an example hitting an average of 70fps. Though Metro Last Night hit an average of 39fps, which may be low for those wanting it to hit 60, it should be noted that the Titan only hit 40.

It is interesting to see the Fury X cards show their muscle more when using Crossfire and three monitors.

While not many gamers will be able to afford a setup that can handle 11,520×2160, the fact that modern graphics cards can provide a gaming experience like this huge is highly impressive.