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The Phantom Pain: Kojima Claims Dead Critic Praised the E3 2015 Trailer?

You might have heard of Robert Ebert, the deceased movie critic who slammed games for not being a form of art. His statement had caused a lot of discussion, but Kojima came up to sort things out saying that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer from E3 made Ebert see (even after death) that games could really be art.

Alright don’t go guns blazing on me, I know this was Kojima-san’s way of satire but yes his claims are worth reading. In a recent interview with Famitsu he found a new way to promote the game’s imagery and graphics.

Kojima dived straight in:

Why do people not believe me? I was having lunch with some of the staff at Kojima Productions when Roger walked in and shook my hand. I could not believe it considering he was declared dead last year. But there he was in all of his glory. He told me that if Metal Gear Solid V was a movie, he would give it two thumbs up. I was so happy.

That is not all, Kojima even went on to amuse the readers by saying that the powerful imagery of the E3 2015 trailer had forced him to come back to life.

He said that the powerful imagery of the trailer forced him to come back to life just so he could apologize about his statement that video games could not be art. That made perfect sense to me. After all, I have been told by famous directors that I am as great as Dostoyevsky and Stanley Kubrick combined. People might say this is far-fetched, but I honestly believe that my games are not trying to emulate real life. Real life is trying to catch up to my games.

So, do you agree with what Robert Ebert (read Hideo Kojima) thinks of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or not?