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Star Wars: Battlefront Had Fluctuating Frame-rates at E3 on PlayStation 4

Despite impressing everyone at the E3, Star Wars: Battlefront was not running at a smooth frame-rate during the demo on the PlayStation 4.

Eurogamer noted this down in their preview of the title, stating that much like Battlefield 4, the game saw fluctuating frame-rates in its Hoth map presentation at the conference.

The game was running at a 1600×900 resolution and targeted at 60 frame-rates, but in reality there were constant fluctuations between the 40-50 mark, with certain areas being locked at 30 fps such as the Tie Fighter.

The fact that it wasn’t even on full resolution and yet facing difficulties in reaching the target 60 fps mark indicates the game is still lacking in technical tweaks for the PlayStation 4.

Eurogamer also notes that the April in-game footage shown was actually rendered at a resolution beyond 1080p and downsampled to give it more crisp, meaning that fans can expect the Endor map to look significantly different in the final product.

Though there are still a few months to go before the game’s release in November, there seems to be indication that it may have a similar performance on the PlayStation 4 to Battlefield 4 – a game that Star Wars: Battlefront is already heavily compared to in-terms of gameplay.

Star Wars: Battlefront will also be coming out for PC and Xbox One alongside its release on PlayStation 4 in November.