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Star Citizen in Trouble? Executive Producer Leaves Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen is a game that amazed almost everyone with the amount of funding and the expanse of the game’s world. With the heavy investments, it would be hard to think that the game would ever be in any sort of trouble.

However, when someone as important to a game as the executive producer leaves his post it makes one think.

We have picked up word that Alex Mayberry, the executive producer at Cloud Imperium Games might have left the development studio. This is rooted in an alleged change to the LinkedIn profile of Mayberry.

If you check it out here, the job experiences of Mayberry reads that he was at Cloud Imperium Games from May 2014 – June 2015. Meaning that he is not at the studio any more.

If you read the post when it was announced in 2014 that Mayberry would be joining the development team of Star Citizen you would also see the extensive responsibilities that he took on.

Mayberry will be overseeing all product development for Star Citizen and managing CIG’s distributed development process across all production studios (both owned and contracted) including Santa Monica, Austin, Manchester and Montreal. Mayberry will be reporting directly to CIG co-founder and CEO, Chris Roberts.

So you see he was really in a pivotal role in the game’s development and him leaving the post would definitely be a set back even to a game as massively funded as this one.

Could Star Citizen be in trouble? Well, an executive producer is a major part of a game’s development and any title would greatly depend on the person who is at that post.

I am wondering what went wrong, if anything did. Here’s hoping the developers have a satisfying response to this.