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Smite World Championship Prize Pool Capped at $1 Million with Multiple Events Throughout the Year

In a recent announcement, Hi-Rez studio has confirmed that the studio has capped the Smite World Championship prize pool at $1 million.

In an extensive post over Smite sub-reddit, Hi-Rez Executive Manager Stewart Chisam stated that the studio want as many Smite pro-players to make a living out of playing the game as possible and continue to provide them with ample opportunities:

“In order to grow our sport over the long haul, we think it is important that we allow as many people as possible to make a living pursuing SMITE eSports. This means having as many players as we can be able to make a decent and predictable wage by playing SMITE.”

Chisam also stated that during the Season One, the top-4 teams took around 90 per cent of the total prize pool which is why the studio decided to even up the prize distribution for all players by arranging multiple events:

“We want to spreading our prizing out over more events and to more players. Instead of five players getting a massive windfall for winning the World Championship, and 20 players sharing 90% of the prizing, now more players will have the opportunity to earn money over more events throughout the year. We just believe that is fundamentally better for the sport and for the players.”

Lastly, Hi-Rez Studios has also announced that if the crowdfunding continues, the studio will give out $2 million in prizes, but in a smarter way, unlike Dota 2 maybe?

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