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Project Hammer: The Cancelled Project which Never Made it to Nintendo Wii

Failures and flop games are a part of gaming industry and we often come across scrapped projects that publishers deemed fit to shun forever. One such project that has been uncovered belongs to Nintendo and was dubbed Project H.A.M.M.E.R AKA MachineX.

The hammer-swinging sci-fi brawler, Project Hammer from Nintendo Software Technology was to release on Nintendo Wii and began developing back in 2003 before dying out in 2009.

The game was supposed to complete its development cycle in 2005, but was slowed down by difference of opinions (between the Japanese and American staff) on how to ameliorate the gameplay.

The dispute was never put to rest and resulted in innumerable departures before being quietly scrapped in 2009. Moreover, the project’s cancellation also saw NST plummet as a digital-only studio.

You can watch the video attached above for more information on the never-finished Project Hammer for Nintendo Wii, courtesy of Unseen64.

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