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Minecraft: Ender Dragon, Dual Wielding, Pocket Edition Discussed at Minecon 2015

Minecon 2015 at London brought a number of new details regarding the future of Minecraft including additional features that are going to make their way to you soon enough.

For instance, a group of developers took to the stage to talk about a new Ender Dragon. If you have been thinking so far that old one is a piece of cake, this new one is going to address that. Mojang is working on a new Ender Dragon that is going to be a much tougher fight.

Craft a set of specific crystal and you will get it spawned oh and they are also planning to do “something about his breath.”

If you thought that it was about time Minecraft allowed you to hold two things at the same time; you are in luck. The game will now let you wield two things at the same time whether they are a shield and a sword, or two shields at the same time, or a torch and an axe.

The developers also commented on the progress of the Pocket Edition of the game saying that they were working hard to make Redstone compatible with it so that player who prefer Minecraft Pocket Edition can also make use of it.

Expect a development on this soon!

There is going to be a lot more to share with you from Minecon 2015, and we will make sure we don’t miss out on anything.