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GTA Online Infinite Money Glitch Found, Still Works After Patch 1.27

On June 20, Rockstar released patch 1.27 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. The update fixed a number of exploits in the game but it seems those fixes weren’t enough.

Full patch notes are available here.

Making money is GTA Online isn’t the most easiest of tasks, you’ll have to complete many challenges, win races, heists etc. However, a new glitch in GTA Online has been discovered that’ll give you infinite money.

In GTA Online, you may have played LTS (Last Team Standing), to kick things-off you will first have to win 50 LTS games. Not the most easiest of things to do, but the best option here is to use a method called “boosting.” Boosting is something players do with friends in order to earn more XP, Cash, JP etc.

Basically, one team lets the other win.

Once you win 50 games, you will be rewarded with “VIP” chrome rims. Now all you have to do is put them on a Rusty Karin Rebels and sell it for a profit, keep doing that as many times as you want. Karin Rebels is worth $3000 without the chrome rims, but its market value goes up to $10,000 with VIP Rims.

That’s an instant $7000 profit, what makes this method useful is that it allows players to bypass the 45 minute waiting period.

Rockstar will surely release a hotfix as soon as this method goes viral, and may also ban players for using it. The company has been putting the banhammer down of exploiters quite aggressively, so be cautious.