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Fallout 4 Mods Being Made Already; Uncut Version for Germany in the Works

We know that Bethesda is really taking modding seriously with the upcoming Fallout title. So much so that they are going to bring you Fallout 4 mods even on the Xbox One version with the PlayStation 4 version expected to follow.

We are, nonetheless, four months short of the original game’s release, let alone the mods; but that didn’t stop some of the active modders from starting to prepare for it.

In fact, a guy who goes by the name of Zealotlee on the official forums of developers Bethesda, has already churned out his first creation.

Zealotlee has created a Rail Rifle which they plan on importing to the game once the Fallout 4 mods are live and Bethesda adds support.

You can check out the model of the rifle in the image in the gallery below or visit the Imgur gallery where the modder has detailed what his plans are and what the weapon is going to feature:

The Rail Rifle will have multiple modifications available. Each modification will alter the gun’s performance in some way. So far you will be able to choose different barrels, muzzle breaks, stocks, and soon to be grips. Optics will be available as well.

Parallel to this, we have picked up confirmation from Pete Hines who is the voice of Bethesda these days that Fallout 4 is probably going to get an uncut version in Germany!

This was revealed over at his official Twitter profile where he said that it was their intention to launch the uncut version of the game in Germany.

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