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With the Discovery of the SNES-CD Prototype a Playstation Controller Emerges Too

Over the weekend there has been a lot of excitement over the discovery of a Sony Playstation SNES (SNES-CD Playstation prototype), with an interesting article on Eurogamer showing the timeline from the reveal of the console, claims it was fake, then proof that the claims of fakery were in fact a joke.

It seems that news connected to this console haven’t stopped appearing, with ptoponline posting a video of a Sony Playstation Prototype controller which may have been connected to this console too, or part of the evolution from SNES-CD to Sony’s final Playstation designs. This controller appears to be a more evolved SNES controller that later would become the PS 1 controller.

The most interesting aspect of all the news surrounding the SNES-CD Playstation prototype and its connection to the finalised Playstation consoles is the question what if this SNES-CD console had seen the light of day? Would things be much more different than they are now?

The biggest difference between the PSX controller prototype and PS1 controller is obviously the shape, which is somewhere inbetween the PS1 and SNES controllers. This shows just where Sony where going with their plans for their own console and the controller they would use, and just where it evolved from.

From the shape, I’m personally glad the design changed as the PSX Prototype doesn’t look comfortable at all. It doesn’t seem to be the most ergonomically thought out controller, though back in those days not many were. The N64 controller wasn’t exactly the most comfortable to use.

What are your thoughts on the SNES CD and PSX Prototype controller? Let us know below.