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Releasing The Last Guardian on PS3 Wouldn’t Have Restricted Features

Development of The Last Guardian is a long and excruciating tale of delays, re-imaginations, reworkings and a lot more. Despite all that, the game’s creator says that even if they had released the game on PlayStation 3 (as originally planned), he would have been comfortable with it.

One would think that apart from the slow progress, there could have been restrictions relating to what they could do on the PlayStation 3 that led to the game’s delay; but Fumito Ueda disagrees.

He was questioned whether being able to release the game on the last generation would have made him happy and whether it would have been the game Ueda wanted.

In his reply, he said since “this is all imagination at this point,” he would have been content with what The Last Guardian achieved “assuming that all of the game architecture and all of the game design was suited to deliver the experience I envisioned, given those assumptions I think it would have been a good product.”

The reason behind this is that Ueda doesn’t think PS3 would have been the cause of any technical limitations. Talking about the aforementioned statement he explained:

Just in case that comment was misleading in any way, technical limitations probably only existed up to the PS2 generation. From PS3 and PS4, especially considering the delivery of expression, motion, etc. – from those elements, it’s a matter of how the game is designed, but it’s not technical limitations at that point. The PS3 was not restricting me from doing something.

Having read that, you might also think what I did. If there were no technical limitations then could Sony have had a hand in delaying the game on purpose so that it could be released on PlayStation 4? Guess what, a laughing Ueda says agreed that “it was pretty much a corporate decision by Sony,” adding “that’s where we’ll leave it, sorry.”

Tell me what you make of that!