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God of War Director Brings the Art of Drawn to Death to Life

David Jaffe, the game director of God of War is a man that tends to get gamer attention for all the right reasons. With not only God of War but also Twisted Metal under his belt, his games are known as high octane and violent events, and favourites with the fans.

When pixeldynamo got to take a look at his latest game in a behind closed daws preview they were introduced to a game that is not only impressively original, but also unsurprisingly gore-filled and exciting. A multiplayer arena shooter featuring battles to the death, plenty of carnage and fast-paced action, the thing that truly sets it apart from other games is the fact it takes part in a high school kid’s notebook.

The art style is that of art drawn in the style of notebook doodles, and while cartoon in nature they are also ultra-violent. The fantastical nature of the drawing looks to allow for a greater level of gore to be added to the game, as well as weapons that look unique to the game.

In many ways the look of Drawn to Death catches people’s interest because of the way we’ve all had those moments where we doodle in a notebook, and all recognise the art style for what it is.

The fact that David Jaffe adds his own style to the game and is able to bring out that extreme, multiplayer level of violence, this quote from the Pixeldynamo article may be the most telling thing that he has revealed about the characters:

“living in a world where if they stop fighting, they no longer get drawn, and if they don’t get drawn, they fade away into obscurity”

This may be a clue as to why these drawn characters are fighting in the first place and the actual premise for the game. What are doodles if forgotten? Just another scrawl on a forgotten page.

Does Drawn to Death interest you? Let us know your thoughts on the game below.