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Ubisoft Outlines ‘Friends and Foes’ in The Division

Ever since we moved into the current generation of consoles, one of the games that people have been looking forward to is Ubisoft’s The Division. At this year’s E3, though, there was a definite shift to less excitement and more impatience that the game didn’t really seem to have changed since last year.

As we get closer to the release of the game on Mar. 8 2016, and a chance to play on the beta version of the game by pre-ordering Ubisoft have taken to their blog to give us some details on the friends and foes in The Division.

In the game, the players take part as the Division Agents. You and your friends are sleeper cells awakened to handle the events after the so-called Black Friday tragedy. You will be part of your own team, though when moving into dark zones you’ll be able to also cooperate with other teams.

As well as the Division Agents there will also be the Joint Task Force. These are the emergency services, including the National Guard who are trying to get control of the situation in New York City.

Citizens of New York City will require your protection in the game; they look to the Joint Task Force and Agents to help them stay safe. Depending on how the citizens react, this is a gage as to how much of a good job you are doing.

The enemies revealed so far are The Cleaners and the Rikers. The cleaners roam the streets with flamethrowers torching everything in their path. Much like the Agents they are cleaning the streets, but in a more violent and indiscriminate way. These opponents are encountered in high contagion areas and are highly aggressive towards Agents.

The Rikers were the opponents revealed at this year’s E3. Escapees from Rickers Island prison they make their way to Manhattan, setting up a home base and looking to take over the west coast of the borough. Highly Aggressive towards the Justice Task Force, your alliance with them makes you the enemy of The Rikers.

Are you still interested in The Division? Will you be Pre-ordering to get access to the Beta? Let us know below.