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The Smurfs Launched on 3DS in Europe, Middle East and Asia

Fans of The Smurfs will be glad to know that the game has been launched for Nintendo 3DS in European territories alongside Middle Eastern countries as well as Asia.

When you play the game on Nintendo 3DS you “will need to help the Smurfs rebuild their village while finding out what could have possibly caused its destruction.” the game has 12 minigames.

Ubisoft has explained how multiple environments, and customization is going to enrich your experience building the “greatest village for Papa Smurf, Smurfette and all their friends.” Here’s what the developers had to say about the game:

In this brand new Smurfs game, players will be able to build the greatest village for Papa Smurf, Smurfette and all their friends. Through multiple environments, from Gargamel’s lab to the deep forest surrounding the village, players will collect wood, rocks and bricks to help them in their quest. Customisation will be possible for both the Smurf houses as well as the whole village by sawing logs, nailing planks and stacking bricks.

Discussing the minigames further, Ubisoft has revealed that all 12 of them have been tailored specifically for Nintendo 3DS and incorporate the use of stylus and tilting:

All the mini-games are tailored for Nintendo 3DSTM, taking full advantage of its features: players will play hide and seek with the Nintendo 3DSTM stylus, pilot a plane through the woodlands, organise music contests or create their very own recipes by tilting the Nintendo 3DSTM to mix ingredients and blow in the microphone to cool their preparations.

Will you be playing The Smurfs on your handheld?