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Stock Up on Lunchboxes in Fallout Shelter with Independence Day Deals

While Bethesda are quick to emphasise the fact that Fallout Shelter is not about making a profit off the expectations of Fallout 4, this doesn’t mean that they won’t do any special offers when it comes to the lunchboxes available in the game.

As this is the Independence Day Weekend, this is the perfect time to provide some deals.

The lunchboxes are given to players of Fallout Shelter as rewards for their progress within the game and provide perks such as the new legendary character, Preston Garvey.

Users of the game are able to use real world money to also purchase these lunchboxes, and to celebrate Independence day these will be discounted between July 3rd and 5th.

While the lunchboxes can still be bought separately at the usual price of 79p, bundles are going to be reduced to half price or more. This means that a pack of five will cost £1.49, fifteen will be £3.99 and a pack of forty will have a 75% discount to make it £7.99.

For those who have yet to be rewarded with Preston Garvey this means that this may be the chance for them to discover him. If they already have him already, or don’t open one of the boxes that includes him they will still have the possibility for plenty of goodies such as armor, weaponry, and even more less legendary dwellers for their shelters.

With a free-to-play game that wants to make it clear that it is a truly free I’m sure there will be some that don’t care about this offer and will soldier on without spending a penny. For those that are interested though this is the perfect chance to bulk up on supplies for their shelter.

Will you be buying any lunchboxes for Fallout Shelter this weekend? Let us know your thoughts below.