Skyrim Mashed With Dark Souls Looks Amazing in this Mod

There are millions who love Skyrim and then there are almost an equal number of gamers who love the Dark Souls games. Even if you like them both, they still are two different games – unless we are talking about a mod.

Incidentally, we are; a modder who goes by the name of Tyroine has shuffled a lot of things around using previous Skyrim mods and ultimately made the game look like Dark Souls!

You can see for yourself in the embedded video above.

People who are a part of the modding community might recognize that the video makes use of multiple previous mods namely Dark Fantasy Overhaul, Clean Up your corpses, Supreme and volumetric Fog, Skymomod V13, Inferno The Blood Marked, Vigilant, Raven Castle, TK Dodge, Dark Souls Bonfire, Dark Souls – Elite Knight and Customizable Camera mod.

Thanks to these, especially the bonfire mod and the Supreme and volumetric Fog mod the game really gets the environmental feeling of a Souls game.

Of course this is just a small endeavor by a fan, but tell us is this something you would actually want to see happening? An official Skyrim mashup with Dark Souls?