Pre-Alpha E3 Footage from Technomancer Leaks onto the Internet

At E3 that are many games shown behind closed doors, if they reported on, many times we just get a description on what the journalist witnessed. Gamers often have to wait a little longer until some footage is officially released or it leaks onto the internet.

One of these leaks is in the form of a game called The Technomancer, which is an RPG set on Mars from Spiders, the same company who worked on Mars: War Logs. PC Gamer think that this game may in fact be the follow-up to that game. This has not yet been confirmed so should be taken as pure speculation, but it is still interesting.

Looking at the video we see a character with an electro-baton styled weapon.. The battle that takes place hints at what will be seen in the final game but as pre-alpha code it does have a certain unpolished look, even to the level of not having the voice acting added yet (if it is even recorded yet.)

If this is the follow-up to Mars: War Logs, or connected to that game in any way it does loo visually already like an improvement on that game. With a name like Technomancer, it is obvious that the character will be a technologically enhanced magical warrior. The developers have stated the game is a cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic game.

Whether this video stays up long enough for more fans to see or it gets officially released is still to be seen. From what has been revealed though, this could definitely be one to keep an eye on.

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