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NVIDIA Impresses with a Demonstration of Hairworks 1.1, As Good as Real

The more powerful graphics cards become the more they improve our gaming experience. One worthy improvement has to be NVIDIA HairWorks. The first time we saw this in effect was in Tomb Raider game, and more recently in games like Far Cry 4 and Witcher 3.

In a video recently put onto Youtube on the NVIDIA channel by Tarkan Sarim, a demonstration of HairWorks 1.1 is provided. The demonstration shows a character model, featuring around 500,000 separate strands all working together to create a realistic looking representation of human hair.

What is impressive about the demonstration in the video is just how realistic it looks, though I doubt many games will be bothered seeing that level of detail, and would rather the GPU power be used for much more important things such as explosions and keep the level of detail and frame rate at a reasonable level in their games.

The catch to what we see in the video of course is not only the fact that the card used to create it was a GeForce GTX 980, but that it is only functionality that works with NVIDIA cards. This means that AMD Radeon cards aren’t able to recreate it for their users.

Things such as realistic hair effects are not really the focus for some players. I doubt that players in Call of Duty matches take time to notice how good an opponent’s hair looks for example as they get the best shot off from a sniper position.

What the video is though is a good demonstration as to how powerful these graphics cards are becoming, and just what the technology is capable of.

Are you a fan of the NVIDIA cards, and does the latest demonstration of HairWorks impress you? Let us know below.