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Nintendo Apparently is Expecting 20 Million NX Units Sold in First Year

Nintendo appear to be optimistic for the release of the NX, if a report by Digitimes is to be believed. Stating that the company are hoping to ship 20 million units in the console’s first year, we’ll have to see if they actually manage it.

The problem with this comes when you look at the fact that the Wii U has only sold around 10 million units to date, and this is based on worldwide results, not just a specific region. This means that if Nintendo did manage to sell that many NX consoles in the first year then it has to be something very special.

While the NX console does have some promise, especially with rumoured titles like Diddy Kong Racing 2, Nintendo can’t really push the new console too much just yet. The launch is not until next year at least and they still have to market the Wii U as the company’s main console.

With releases such as a new Zelda game, Star Fox Zero, Super Mario Maker and Yoshi’s Wooly World still coming to the Wii U, they have to make their customers believe that it is worth still putting trust in the Wii U console. While in theory, Zelda is a game that could move to the NX, though I’m sure fans wouldn’t be happy with this move.

Just with the fact that the Wii U still has to be Nintendo’s main focus this is why I doubt that they have reasonable faith in selling so many NX units in the first year. Time will tell on that one though.

What do you think of Nintendo’s next console? Will it return the company to its former glories? Let us know below.