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Naoki Yoshida Comments on Final Fantasy VII and High Expectations

At E3 Sony knew exactly what they were doing when they revealed games from the past that were either making a big return to the world of gaming or were coming in the form of a remake. Final Fantasy VII to some fans was bigger news than the return of Shenmue 3, or even The Last Guardian so expectations are high.

In a recent interview posted on Melty, the focus may have been on Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensword, but that didn’t mean that Naoki Yoshida could escape Final Fantasy VII. The good thing for fans is that he emphasizes the fact that he realizes expectations are high from the fans, and a focus is going to be on making sure they get what they want.

Though we didn’t really get to see much at E3, all it took was a promotional video to catch fans attention. After the dust had settled of course, there was a certain amount of disappointment that there was no gameplay footage but the message was sent, this time the remake was the one that the fans wanted.

When a game like the Final Fantasy VII remake is promised the company has to deliver, and looking at Naoki Yoshida’s comments, he fully realizes that now they have committed to this, and it will be something special.

If this remake is anything short of epic, I’m sure fans will be left disappointed.

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