N64 Controller Modified to Work with Xbox One is One Impressive Feat

Jesse Aragon and Chris Gallizzi from Hyperkin modified an N64 controller and made it work with an Xbox One console.

Personally, I find Xbox One controller more than decent, using an N64 controller to experience the N64 games bundled in the forthcoming Rare Replay Collection has a certain nostalgic vibe to it.

The creators also demonstrated how the controller actually works on an Xbox One console which, to be honest, is not all great.

I mean, this is a neat little experiment, but you can see the controller becomes completely unresponsive or moves all over the place in some instances. Moreover, the creator has also explained that since most modern games take advantage of two analogue sticks, the N64 controller does not work that well.

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You can view the video demonstration above and share your impressions with us in the Comments Section below.