Here’s 40 Minutes Of Resident Evil Zero HD Gameplay, Welcome Back To The Ecliptic Express

Remasters and HD remakes are trending this console generation, we have seen plenty of classic (and some not so classic) games re-released in recent times.

One of these games was the original Resident Evil, which received complete overhauled visuals and lighting effect among other improvements. When the popular Capcom title was re-released, fan feedback was positive enough for Capcom to consider another HD remake.

So then came Resident Evil Zero, originally released back in 2002, the game is being remade for PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

The game is getting a similar treatment that was provided to Resident Evil HD Remake. We will see improved lighting and better overall visuals. Controls will get improvements as well, and players will have the option to choose between the original controls or alternative ones.

To give a look at how the game plays and looks now, Capcom has shared a 40 minute gameplay video. It is the same demo showed at E3, you can check out the whole video posted above.

The game will release for all major platforms later this year.