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Destiny: Bungie Day, More Rewards for Veterans and Taken King Detailed

This week’s update by Bungie brought us news regarding their longstanding tradition of celebrating July 7 as the Bungie Day alongside some hints at what could be additional rewards for Destiny players who have been with the game since the past year.

The community manager has explained what they are aiming at come Tuesday i.e. July 7 and it looks like they will give you some more bragging rights in the form of an “exclusive legendary status” and more ways to express yourself:

Pay us a visit again on Tuesday. We’ll have some celebrations of the awesome stuff you’ve done this past year, along with some invitations for how you can express yourselves.

We’ll also tell you how any player who has braved the first year of Destiny can achieve permanent, exclusive legendary status. This is something we’ve been working on for a while, and your own triumphs are the crucial ingredient.

Of course they didn’t detail what was meant by this, but the celebration is not too far now so we will find out soon enough.

Also if you were still not sure what spending $40 on The Taken King is going to get, the same post has a list of everything from enemy breeds to story missions, Exotic Weapons, Exotic Armor, Exotic Questlines, locations, strikes and a lot more.

The developers of Destiny say that the first year’s “inaugural journey around the sun is cause for celebration” and I believe it will be worth seeing what they have in store for the loyal fans who have stuck with the game all this time.