Star Wars: Battlefront Boasts a Wide Range of PC Graphics Settings, Leaked Images Inside

Following’ the offset of Star Wars: Battlefront closed alpha-test, leaked details and videos swooped in from every corner of the Internet – one of these leaks includes Graphics Settings and customization options.

DICE has always been known to include a plethora of visual settings in its games and the upcoming Star Wars is no exception.

In addition to an adjustable FOV slider and Resolution Scale, fans can expect to tweak with Post Process Quality, Terrain Quality, Ambient Occlusion, Mesh Quality, and even three colorblind profiles to aid players with the syndrome. You can view the screencaps, courtesy of GearNuke attached below:

I have also come across players reporting that the game maintains near-60-fps on a GTX 780 coupled with an i7 3770. As for console counterparts, the game is said to maintain 60 Frames per Second on both Xbox One and Playstation 4.

In related Star Wars: Battlefront news, closed alpha-testers continue to share gameplay videos despite EA forbidding them not to share anything related to the game. You can view the leaked gameplay videos by heading over to the link!

The closed alpha-test is now available and will run through Monday, Jul. 6, 2015. Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled to arrive this fall on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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