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Star Wars Battlefront Alpha: Weapons, Vehicles Revealed

Star Wars Battlefront Alpha testing started moments ago and fans have not taken any time to report on what they have found in the game despite NDAs.

First off it seems that Walker Assault and Wave modes are set on Hoth however there also is word that Walker Assault is on Tatooine. The Storm Troopers can be customized more than what we have understood from the trailer owing to the presence of a blueprint system.

In total there are approximately 13 vehicles that have been found in the files namely: T-65 X-wing, Tie Fighter, Lambda Shuttle, Y-wing, Tie-Bomber, Corellian Corvette, Nebulon B Frigate, ISD (Imperial Star Destroyer), Mon Calamari Capital Ship, Home One (Admiral Ackbar’s Ship), ATST, AT-AT, Tie Interceptor and 74-Z Speeder Bike.

Similarly, the weapons unearthed so far (there might be more) include E11, A280, DH17, DL44, DLT19, DLT20a, EE3, Rocket Launcher, SE14c and T21.

Do keep in mind that some of these could be locked in the Alpha phase and there could be others that will make it to the full game. Not just that, it should also be understood that these details might change in the final product.

Last but not the least, since we have picked up all this information from unofficial sources, it might as well turn out to be inaccurate.

Someone had also uploaded a video of footage from the closed alpha but it looks like Star Wars Battlefront developers were not too happy with it – the video has been taken down now.

Game releases on November 17.