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New Team Fortress 2 Update Brings Contracts, New maps and More

Valve has pushed a brand new update for Team Fortress 2, called The Gun Mettle. The substantial new update brings a campaign that brings two new contracts per week for the next three months. Each of these contracts will other a new skill-based challenge.

Valve explained in a post:

Contracts are skill-based challenges you receive that award you Contract Points (CP) as you progress through the challenge. You can earn up to 100 CP per Contract doing normal objectives, at which point you can turn the Contract in to receive either a Contract-exclusive weapon, or an unlockable weapons case.

By completing challenges, players can earn campaign-exclusive weapons or unlock a weapon case. Weapons in question will have six level of rarity, but will not offer any competitive edge, instead, each weapon will have its own unique paint job.

You can sell or trade any of these weapons and cases.

You will need to spend $5.99 for access to Gun Mettle campaign. Certain percentage of the profits will go to map creators responsible for maps you’ll see in the contracts.

Borneo, Suijin, Snowplay and Powerhouse will roll-out will also be available for free to anyone to spending on Gun Mettle.

If you wish to know more about Gun Mettle, you can head over to the FAQ page on the official website? Planning on getting Gun Mettle? Let us know down below.