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New Patch Looks to Fix MotoGP 15 Xbox One Performance Issues

Even before its release, developers of MotoGP 15 were warning that there were going to be performance issues for the Xbox One version of the game. In a move that was both annoying for gamers but also on some levels appreciated they released a statement saying:

“With the latest tests, we noticed that the Xbox One version could be affected with some known bugs. For this reason we’re working really hard to bring a patch close to the Day1 release in order to fix all the possible issues and make the best experience for our players,” affirms Luisa Bixio Milestone V.P. “As always our customer support is completely at players’ disposal in the event of possible issues”

Today it was revealed that starting from today, a patch will be made available to fix these issues and bring the performance of the game up to expected levels. A changelog listed the issues that have now been fixed:

  • Improved stability in different areas of the game
  • Fixed Sprint Season matchmaking and invites
  • Improved matchmaking rules
  • Fixed add-on content support in online matches
  • Fixed Friends Leaderboards
  • Improved bikes’ level of details (LOD)
  • Fixed scratch and dirt effects on bikes and riders

If any other difficulties are found in the game then these should be reported to Milestone’s customer support using email address

Hopefully, this will be an end to any of the performance issues that players have been experiencing with the game. Though as usual with games that require patches like this, there can occasionally be more issues caused by the patch that was meant to fix everything.

Moto GP 15 was developed by Milestone studios, and released on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Were you affected by the performance issues with the Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts on the new patch below.