Mirror’s Edge Catalyst First Person Perspective Explained by Design Director

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst employs a first person perspective and not a third person view; did you wonder why that is? Well, the developers of the game have a good reason and they explained it recently.

Design Director for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Erik Odeldahl took it upon him to explain why they actually chose the first person view.

In his opinion, this gives you a view of the world from the perspective of our protagonist, making you feel better connected with her when she is jumping rooftops or taking matters into her own hand for the greater good:

Playing in first-person is integral to Mirror’s Edge. At its core, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is about putting you in the shoes of a Runner and letting you live Faith’s story. She progresses from doing her job on the rooftops of Glass, to becoming a person that realizes she has the power to change things for the better for everyone. Seeing the world through Faith’s eyes and using her hands to interact with it is something we believe is absolutely necessary.

For these reasons, the first person view was a “no brainer” for DICE although it has taken a lot of efforts for them to actually make it work.

Getting the right movements and making a city that would not only complement such a viewing angle but also make sense was a tough job.

Also commenting in the importance of Parkour in their design of the city he added that “most people blindly use roads and lanes to get where they want to. Faith doesn’t use roads. She always crosses them at a ninety degree angle, getting to places others will never see.”

This is why they have ensured that motion capture for Faith’s actions in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst were as detailed as possible.

Read up more on it from EA’s official website and tell us if you are pleased with the way DICE is making this game.