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Fable Legends Director Talks DLC and Post-Release Support

Xbox One and PC co-op RPG title Fable Legends is among the most anticipated games around. However, one thing that always comes-up whenever we talk about any free-to-play game is in-game purchases, DLC and how they will impact the game.

No one likes when someones wins or achieves more not by his/her skill, but paying more compared to you. When that is the case, privileged gamers will always be ahead of the rest.

This brings a certain level uncertainty when we hear the word “free-to-play.”

So when fans were concerned about how Lionhead will handle DLCs, the studio had to come out and share more about their plans.

Speaking about the matter, David Eckelberry said:

That’s a reasonable thing to be unsure of. I’m unsure about free-to-play in some games. I believe it’s up to the game developer. Some games I love are free-to-play, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that first and foremost they are good games, regardless of how they get to market. It’s also not a coincidence that these games seem legitimately fair: they don’t let a player buy his way to victories, and the things you can purchase seem pretty fairly priced.

Lionhead Studios wants to reach a bigger audience with Fable Legends and a create happy community on Xbox One and Fable Legends – they say that’s the reason they choose to go with a free-to-play model.

Eckelberry added:

..we want to support Fable Legends for years to come with content that keeps exploring Albion and introducing more fun elements to the game. That means we will continue to release new Heroes, new creatures, new quests, and other new features for our players to love. And all of these will either be totally free, such as the new quests, or earnable in-game. We couldn’t do that if we sold a disk for $60.

Idea of free-to-play brings up a red flag for many of us, we can be concerned about how they are going to handle it but never should we judge before the game is actually out there.

Fable Legends is in closed beta on Xbox One but PC players are going to be able to try it once Windows 10 rolls-out.