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EA Might Release a Different Need For Speed In Korea

After taking a break from Need for Speed last year, EA is ready to release an installment in 2015. The series became redundant but is ready to come back with a bang this year.

However, we have come across something called Need for Speed Edge. Meanwhile EA has so far only referred to the new game as just “Need for Speed.”

So what is Need for Speed Edge?

The game is being developed using the Frostbite 3 engine and is brought to Korea by Nexon. The company is known for its free-to-play MMO titles, so is Need for Speed heading to Korea as a free-to-play MMO racing title?

The answer to that question remains unknown and we don’t have any information related to Need for Speed Edge other than its existence.

Many popular titles – Call of Duty, Borderlands etc – are being released in the Asian market as free-to-play games. The model is popular in the region, so it wouldn’t surprising to see Need for Speed going free-to-play in Korea.

EA is silent on the matter but we will update you as soon as details are shared with us. Till then, feel free to speculate in the comments below.

Do you you think games like COD and NFS can ever use a free-to-play model in the west? Or should paying full-price upfront is the way to go?