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Could Nintendo NX Launch in July 2016? They Revealed Nothing at E3

Companies that reveal they are working on the next generation of their consoles always have the problem of expectation. Now that Nintendo NX have been revealed to be in production, people are starting to look past the Wii U and to the new console, but when will it be heading our way? A clue to a launch date may have been revealed.

Digitimes have reported (based on a source) that Nintendo are looking for an official launch for the console to be July 2016. This will be based on the finalisation of production plans to be in February or March. Mass production would then start in May or June, which would then lead to the July launch.

As this is just news based on a ‘source,’ take it all with a pinch of salt for now. We will only know the official launch date when Nintendo themselves announce them.

Well, personally, I think July could be too early for the console launch that hasn’t been named yet for the public. But again, if the console is something that is not aiming to compete with Xbox One and PS4, it can be a possibility. We don’t even know yet what sort of hardware is being used. Is it powerful enough? Or it just fulfills same old Nintendo Needs? There are so many questions to be answered.

Based on the Digitimes article, Nintendo will be using Foxconn Electronics to manufacture the consoles, though Pegatron Technology are eager to snatch the orders. Again, the truth in this is not official and both of the companies refuse to confirm the information that Digitimes obtained.

If there is any truth in these rumours then I am sure we will hear more about the NX soon, especially with Nintendo needing to create some interest in the console. It is also important to note though that they cannot ignore the Wii U, especially with some of the games that are aimed at the current console.

Nintendo will not want fans to ignore the Wii U just yet, though with rumours of games like Diddy Kong Racing 2 possibly being a game for the NX is going to push thoughts away from the Wii U and to the NX.

What are your thoughts on the latest NX rumour? Let us know below.