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Clash of Clans Maintenance Break Fixes Issues with Wall Breaker AI, Matchmaking, and More

Clash of Clans is receiving a maintenance break in order to fix some issues that made it to the game through yesterday’s content update.

The maintenance break aims at fixing an issue in Clan Wars matchmaking which restricts some clans from finding a match. SuperCell has also announced that the Wall Breaker AI did not function the way developer intended it to and so it is being reverted to pre-update AI.

The developer has also fixed Clan War star requirement for Clan XP that were started after the said update – you will now see 40% and 60% instead of 5% and 10%.

A couple of issues related to wrong names for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese in the Language Selection Menu have also been addressed.

Last but not the least, one week Shield will now also become a part of Champion League. Seems like high time to hop back into the game, eh?

In related Clash of Clans news, you can view a complete list of additions and changes – which include new spells, new Leagues, Level 5 Dragons and more – made to the game through yesterday’s update by heading to this post!

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