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Audio Occlusion and its Use in Quantum Break Explained in a Video

Quantum Break may not have been on show at E3 but this does not mean we have not heard anything about it. Confirmed to be a part of the Xbox presentation at Gamescom 2015 in Germany, this should be when we get to see what progress has been made on the game, and maybe even an announcement of a release date.

Until then A New Video has been raveled that looks at the development side of the game.

When playing games we often take the audio for granted and how it adapts to the player depending on where they are in relation to a person talking, or an object making some noise. In the video above, we take a look at how Umbra, the graphics technology software used with Unreal Engine 3 and Unreal Engine 4 is used within the game.

For people interested in game development this is an interesting video, especially when it comes to audio occlusion. Showing the effect of obstructions on the power of the audio, Umbra handles just how the audio is adapted and then presented to the player in a form where it sounds realistic depending on the camera (character) position. It also shows the complicated nature of the process

It is unlikely that Microsoft and Remedy will show a video like this at Gamescom 2015, so it’s interesting to be given the chance to see it now. We will no doubt get to see a trailer or maybe even some live gameplay to catch our interest in a game that should be getting close to a release.

Whether it will be delayed or not will be another matter, but I’m sure there are still gamers out there looking forward to Quantum Break and are eager to see what new footage will be revealed.

Are you still looking forward to Quantum Break? Let us know what you think below.