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ARK Survival Evolved Mac, Linux Versions Get Steam Early Access

Good news for Mac and Linux users! ARK Survival Evolved is now available on Steam Early Access for all of you, Studio Wildcard has announced moments ago.

The developers boast that Survival Evolved is one of the first large scale Unreal Engine 4 games to have been released on these platforms.

You guys will get the same features, the same content as well as seamless cross play across all the platforms. Not just that, the ARK Survival Evolved has also been discounted to $24.89 on all platforms as compared to the original price of $30.

Moving on, they have also detailed the two new dinosaurs that have been added namely Plesiosaurus and Ichthysaurus. According to them, these beasts are huge!

Today two new oceanic dinosaurs have also been released on ARK – Plesiosaurus and Ichthysaurus join the 70-plus dinosaurs available at launch. Much like the Brontosaurus on land, Plesiosaurus is an excellent beast used to transport large quantities of goods across water.

These powerful creatures are so large that they can be used as mobile water bases. Ambitious tribes can build bunkers right onto the backs of Plesiosaurus instead of building cargo ships. Ichthy is a speedy ocean-mount for rapidly exploring the seas and waterways around the island. It is a comparatively fast, agile swimmer with a friendly curiosity much like a modern-day dolphin.

For those of you who are already playing the game, here is our Spawn Points Location Map guide, Level Up Faster guide, and Farming Guide.

Here’s the Steam link where you can purchase ARK Survival Evolved.