Star Wars: Battlefront’s Leaked Gameplay Footage Spans 17 Minutes

Even though Star Wars: battlefront was playable on the show-floor at E3 2015, EA was severely strict about allowing attendants to film the footage. Anyone who even thought of slipping past a camera was removed from the booth immediately.

One attendant, however, was successful in keeping his motives hidden. In doing so he was able to capture 17 minutes of gameplay footage with his camera while playing Star Wars: Battlefront on the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately the quality isn’t good enough. It, though, still offers us a new look at the seamless gameplay and gives a better idea of what to expect later this year.

Star Wars: Battlefront enters closed alpha today on the PC. Those lucky enough to get an invitation from EA in the past week are now able to pre-download the alpha client.

EA has already cautioned that the performance of the alpha version “may be inconsistent, with possible issues such as server lag and downtime.” The publisher has also confirmed that any progress attained through these tests will not be transferred into the final game.

Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled for a release on November 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.